Hyderabad-Secunderabad - Raymond Tomb

Michel Joachin Marie Raymond, a French mercenary was a military commander and close friend of the second Asif Jah, Nizam Ali Khan. He was designated Amir-I-Jinsi or Controller of Ordinance by the Nizam. He undertook the construction of the Gunfoundries in Hyderabad. In time, he came to be loved by the local folk and was known for his loyalty and resolution. Joachim Marie Raymond, who served as one of Asaf jah II's generals. Born in France in 1755 A.D., he came to India and in 1786 joined the service of the ruling Nizam of Hyderabad as an ordinary soldier. He worked his way up rapidly, and when he died just twelve years later, in 1798, he was the commander of a 19,000-strong army. He was not only, held in high esteem by the Nizam, but also won the admiration of the common people. He was popular among the Hindus and Muslims alike; the Hindus called him Musa Ram, to the Muslims he was Musa Rahim. Writes historian Malleson: "No European of mark who followed him in India, ever succeeded in gaining to such an extent the love, the esteem, the admiration of the natives of the country."
Raymond Tomb
His tomb is a black granite tombstone, conical in shape, about 60 m long, 30 m wide and 10 inches high, is held in great veneration. Less than a kilometer from here is a French garden where Raymond and his men were stationed. Traces of the military barracks may also still be seen here. An impressive obelisk of polished black granite, Raymond's tomb stands on a hillock to the East of Hyderabad.

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