Hyderabad-Secunderabad - Ramoji Film City

The Ramoji Film City (RFC) located on Hyderabad-Vijayawada Highway is a nice outing.
The tickets were bought and after a brisk security check up people are allowed to get into the waiting bus of RFC. The bus rode up the wide black asphalt road winding around a hill. After all the twists and turns, ditto like in our movies, the sprawling RFC came into picture.

The bus entered into the fantasy land; eye balls darted from left to right trying to drink up all the sights in one swing. Everybody was dropped off at 'Eureka' (the starting and ending point of this package tour) only to be transferred into a red bus, (quite like the one you would find on London roads).
The red bus took the wide eyed tourists around the RFC,

Showing the various gardens ranging from Japanese to Tea gardens, temples sans idols, schools which turned into police stations at the drop of the board, colleges which double up as havelis and airports whose rear entrance is used for the hospital shot and side for church. All can have a through in a south Indian village, a north Indian village, sky scrapers, slums, Ajanta and Ellora caves and a bazaar.

Ramoji Film City
An hour had slipped by and still had a lot of ground to cover; literally. The bus drops the tourists off at the highest point close to Hava Mahal, from where one can discover the gardens on foot. The immaculate gardens, well manicured lawns, palm tree lined avenues; the whole thing looked surreal.

Slowly found the way to Eureka while some tourists took the returning bus. Earlier during the escorted tour, the guide had pointed out to a huge statue of a mythological character holding on to the reins of three horses. He claimed that the three horses signified, RFC, Eenadu newspaper and the Eenadu TV channel.
RFC is indeed a winning horse from the stables of the media baron Ramoji Rao.

RFC has a five star hotel and a three star hotel with an attached restaurant, besides one coffee house. But, the best coffee is available at the small café attached to the lobby/ ticket/ security entrance. The ticket is Rs 200 per head on Sunday and Rs 150 per head on weekdays. For children above three years of age it Rs 150 on a Sunday and Rs 100 on a weekday. The cost includes guided tour of the film city and transportation within. For those who want to take their own cars, you will have to pay Rs 700 per person.
It is open from 9.30 to 3.30. There are two dance and stunts performances at 10.30 am and 4.30 pm respectively which will be very entertaining.