Hyderabad-Secunderabad - History


Last Nizam ( 1911 - 48 )
Hyderabad was India's biggest and richest princely state, as large as England and Scotland together. Its rulers, known as the Nizams, belonged to the Asaf Jahi dynasty, founded in 1724 by Nizam-ul-Mulk who first came to Hyderabad as the Mughal Governor of the Decan, and then established his Independence as Mughal power in Delhi waned. The endary hoard of emeralds and their legendary hoard of emeralds and their diamond mines near Golconda, and many tales are told of their extravagance and Eccentricities. The Seventh and Last Nizam, Osman Ali Khan, was the richest man in India but, Unlike his ancestors, he was a notorious miser who smoked Cigarette butts and wore the same set of Shabby, patched clothes for weeks on end. After Independence in 1947, the Nizam resisted joining the Indian Union. However riots broke out and Indian Army action to restore order finally led to the state's accession.